Harry Reid Hates The Koch Brothers So Much He Wants to Change the Constitution to Curtail Their Free Speech Rights


Harry Reid’s teeth-gnashing  rants against the Koch brothers have already reached epic proportions in their hypocrisy and insanity, but he’s determined to push the limits of what’s socially acceptable of a man without severe brain trauma. As far as we know. In this case, he’s seeking to actually amend the Constitution in an attempt to curb the free speech of the Koch brothers.

From the Washington Examiner:

Reid urged his fellow lawmakers to support a proposed constitutional amendment, written by Democratic Sen. Tom Udall and co-sponsored by 40 of the Senate’s 55 Democrats, that would give Congress the right to regulate all political contributions and all spending of any kind in all federal elections. (It would also give states the power to do the same in state elections.) The Supreme Court has held such far-reaching restrictions to be unconstitutional, which is why Reid wants to take the extreme step of changing the nation’s founding document.


“Amending our Constitution is not something we take lightly,” Reid said. “But the flood of special interest money into our American democracy is one of the greatest threats our system of government has ever faced.”

Wouldn’t it be easier to have Harry Reid seek some psychological help before actually taking the far more drastic measure of changing the Constitution?

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