Global Warming

VIDEO: Democrats’ Big Money Eco-Billionaire Reveals What Animates His Global Warming Crusade

In a new video uncovered by the Free Beacon, the Democrats’ favorite billionaire enviro-nut Tom Steyer admits that at the bottom of his $100 million global warming hoax crusade is the age old human affliction simply called GREED. Steyer pitched green energy policies as a way for business to cash in on the gullibility of government, which of course is an endless source of poorly spent taxpayer money:

“It’s a big business opportunity,” Steyer told like minded activists and policymakers at a gathering at his California home. “It’s a chance to make a lot of money.”

…The event promoted the efforts of Advanced Energy Economy, a group of green energy businesses co-founded and chaired by Steyer.

The group’s membership includes a number of companies that have benefited directly from federal policies aimed at building a “green energy economy” through grants, loans, and other subsidies for renewable energy.

So that’s what we have to look forward to if the lefty billionaire gets his way despite the American public’s utter disinterest in global warming – more Soleras and a boondoggle for corporations all too willing to provide a needless service to the naive, while wasting opportunities for job and economic growth.

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