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Obama’s Labor Secretary Tweets Advice to Grads: Don’t be an Individual, Join the Collective!


Yes, it’s the season for American college students to graduate from the care-free, sex, drug and beer-fueled days of college and head into crushing college loan debt and unemployment thanks to Obama’s failed economic policies. But don’t worry kids, Tom Perez, Obama’s Secretary to the Labor Department, has some great advice for you while you waste about in your parents’ basement:

After all, individualism leads to hard work, hard work leads to personal responsibility, and personal responsibility leads to the dark side – voting Republican! Fox News commentator and capitalism-mongerer Jonathan Hoenig deciphered the odd commie-speak for everyone:

Pretty ironic for Obama’s appointee to tell everyone to move away from a “selfie culture,” when it’s his boss whose regime’s only highlights are taking selfies and making hashtag campaigns. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter what grads do with their lives, because as we all know of anyone’s American success, “you didn’t build that!”

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