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Yet Another Liberal Makes Light of the Holocaust! MSNBC Host Ronan Farrow Enters the Idiot Contest


Whats with liberals making fun of or degrading survivors of the Holocaust? This time it’s the MSNBC host that everyone on the left absolutely knows in their bitter little hearts is a genius despite all evidence to the contrary. Here’s his entry into the stupidity contest:

Wow. While Touré and Oliver Willis tried to go head to head on deriding Holocaust survivors to push their “white privilege” narrative, Farrow is really thinking outside of the box and wildly swinging into Holocaust punchline territory. After all, what could be funnier than attempted genocide?

Mediaite explains the other joke, wherein Farrow tries too hard to prove he’s smarter than everyone else:

“…his business meetings are like a postmodern French film about two girls who explore their sexuality and class differences.”

I would be afraid to be called into one of those meetings.

Maybe he just meant that his dates starred Liam Neeson? Feel free to provide your interpretation in the comments, because I’m pretty flummoxed here.

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