You’ll Be Proud Of How These Citizens Respond When They See A Mall Flying The U.S. Flag Upside Down


Army Veteran Ernesto Mariscal was outraged when he saw the American flag flown upside down at a small local shopping mall in Calexico, California, and stirred a lot of outrage on Facebook when he posted a picture Tuesday evening:


After only 12 hours, the post was shared 254 times, and reads as following:

Everyone call this place tomorrow and complain. I want to cut it down but I need a ladder. Price Center in Calexico CA. Lets raise hell come tomorrow, it opens at 9 AM western time.

The comments were filled with very angry people, one of which contacted a councilperson who seems to have put some pressure on the property owners.  Before the mall was even opened, they posted on their Facebook page this response today:


This is what happens when proud citizens speak up when something isn’t right.

Of course, in a military context an upside down flag signifies distress, so maybe this accidental event represents the state of the country more than many would like to admit.


Sergeant Mariscal and others kept pressing the issue until the store also lowered the height of the Mexican flag to that lower than the American flag, according to United States federal “flag code.” Here’s a pic:


While it might be a small matter to some, to those who respect the sacrifices made by service members for our freedoms while under that flag, the correct display of our banner is a representation of the pride we have in our country. Good job to those who still hold such honor in high esteem.

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