Why is the Obama Administration Hiding 2015 Health Insurance Rates?


One of the real tests of Obamacare is whether or not health insurance rates increase or not, and one of the reasons to think that they’re probably going to skyrocket is that the Obama administration is hiding those numbers for 2015.

Consumer Reports is circulating a petition to demand from Kathleen Sebelius that these rates are released before she leaves office:

Health insurance companies are setting rates right now for next year. But while federal regulators knowwhat rates companies are seeking, you don’t have a clue. Even though the law says these rates, and the reasons insurers use to set them, must be made public!

…Tell HHS Secretary Sebelius to release next year’s insurance rates before she leaves office – and hold insurance companies accountable!

Remember way back when Obama ran in 2008 under the promise that he would have the most transparent administration ever? Apparently he doesn’t either.

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