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‘How Many Other Prisoners Have Lasted 5 Years?’ Soldier Who Served With Bowe Bergdahl Concludes His Story and Allegations


This concludes the earlier post from an alleged compatriot of Bowe Bergdahl, the only prisoner of war captured in Afghanistan, now released through a deal with the Taliban. “Cody” claims to have served with Bowe when he deserted, which sours the official story, and puts into doubt the wisdom of the trade which freed five dangerous terrorists:

Cody seems to be implying that Bergdahl might have been supplying information to the enemy to aid their attacks on Americans.

“Risking their own to save another, have no greater love.”

Again, another implication that he could not have survived without collaboration with the enemy.

Couple this with the troubling tweets from Bowe’s father, and one really has to wonder just what the real story is behind this precedent-setting agreement.

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