Do You Even Lift, Bro?! This Video of Obama Pumping Iron Won’t Fill You With Confidence

A fellow guest at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, Poland was able to snap a video of President Obama throwing some weights around, and let’s just say that we don’t think Putin is going to be very impressed or intimidated:

The leaked photos show Obama, in a dark blue track suit and white T-shirt, lifting dumbbells while surrounded by several people in the Marriott Hotel’s luxury gym.

A video apparently taken at the same time shows the president wearing head phones as he grimaces while performing various weightlifting exercises.

At one point the seemingly tired president lets out a yawn before beginning a new rep. But Obama wasn’t only focused on his pecs: The video ends with Obama getting his heart rate up on the elliptical.

Good lift, bro. One of my Twitter followers said it reminded him of Spongebob Squarepants, so…

Also there’s this:

Oh and finally this:

Oh yeah, our enemies are quaking in their boots.

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