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Despicable: Obama Admin Official Wonders if Bergdahl’s Platoon-Mates Were ‘Psychopaths’


As the Bergdahl terrorist swap deal spirals out of control of this White House, it appears that some officials are going to some pretty despicable lengths to try to provide cover for Obama. Brandon Friedman is just such a man:

Just “speculation” right? Or will this be the new line from the administration – to smear everyone in Bergdahl’s platoon who are coming out to say that he was a deserter?

It must be noted too that he says “long on psychopaths,” implying that all platoons are filled with some measure of psychopaths. This is demonstrative of what many on the left believe about our military, and I don’t think most Americans agree with them.

Twitchy noted that after posting the offensive tweets, Friedman changed his profile to hide that he’s an Obama administration official. Nice try, pal:


Not only does this show how little respect the left has for the military, but they have absolutely no idea how much real Americans (y’know the ones who aren’t getting rich at plush government jobs?) actually trust and honor those who defend our country.

If you have to resort to calling people psychopaths because they don’t agree with a fantasy you made up to cover your political agenda, you might be losing that argument.

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