Immigration Expert on MSNBC: Illegal Alien Child Border Crossings Spiking Because of Amnesty Rumors

On MSNBC while discussing the humanitarian crisis of illegal alien children crossing the border in droves, an immigration expert let the cat out of the bag about amnesty rumors driving many to make the long, dangerous trek to America:

“…the mothers that I have been speaking with have told me that there are rumors circulating throughout Latin America, particularly Central America, that if they come through and they give themselves up to U.S. Customs and Border patrol officials that they will be given some kind of immigration relief.”

The Obama administration will attempt to make it appear that illegal immigrants surge across our borders has nothing to do with the “comprehensive immigration reform” bill being advocated by the left, but as many of us on the right have been saying, when you reward any behavior, you encourage that behavior.

As you hear more calls that we have to pass this bill because of the “humanitarian crisis,” respond by placing the blame where it belongs – Obama’s refusal to enforce our border security. And even if it does have to do with Latin America collapsing, how will legalizing every immigrant help stop that crisis?

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