VIDEO: An MSNBC Guest Rewrites Bible Scripture to Include Welfare!

Baptist preacher Dr. Frederick Haynes III went on MSNBC and actually changed a line from scripture in order to warp the biblical injunction for believers to feed the poor into a call to dish out welfare like candy. The biblical teaching is often used by socialists to justify the welfare state, but it’s clearly meant to admonish us to personal charity which can lift the unfortunate out of their circumstances, rather than support government policies which rob the productive and encourage dependency on the state.

Obviously he was trying to top the outrageous suggestion from yesterday’s guest, John Fugelsang, who actually said Republicans would crucify Jesus Christ if He came back to Earth. This is what happens when viewers get bored with leftist talking points – MSNBC has to resort to outrageous and offensive guests in a failed attempt to revive their falling ratings.

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