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Disgraced Democrat Busted For Sexting is Caught in Yet Another Creepy Social Media Embarrassment


Anthony Weiner just can’t keep his creepy name out of the headlines. This time he was caught “favoriting” a tweet about dating app Tinder, calling it the “ultimate sext machine.” You might think that having obliterated his political career by accidentally tweeting his little Anthony out to the world while trying to hit on a starry-eyed fan might have soured the liberal lecher from any social media, but you would be wrong!

Accidentally, huh? Fortunately for Weiner, he has completely destroyed any iota of political future he might have once had, but he continues to provide us all with opportunities to make immature sophomoric jokes at his expense.

Beware, ladies! It looks like “Carlos Danger” is rooming Tinder looking to poll the electorate!

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