If You Thought The Wage Gap Was Bad, Chelsea Clinton’s Salary For Doing Nothing Will Shock You


Journalists were lighting the torches and toting pitchforks when Jill Abramson was fired from the New York Times over wage discrimination, but Chelsea Clinton might tip the scales the other way with her enormous salary for doing nothing:

Chelsea Clinton had a $600,000 annual contract with NBC but has recently switched over to a month-to-month arrangement in case her mother runs for president.

…She joined the network as a special correspondent with a three-month trial period starting in November 2011 before she was signed on full time.

The segments that she worked on showed up largely on the now-defunct Rock Center with Brian Williams, and her most recent coverage aired on Nightly News but her last contribution came in January.

Not bad work if you can get it, but some are taking to social media to register their outrage!


Let’s cut her some slack! It’s hard to be America’s royalty and try to keep up appearances – how else is she going to be able to afford $15,000 toilets for her wedding?!

Don’t you feel sorry for the Clinton family laboring so hard while being “dead broke?”

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