Obama MEGA-Donor Who Once Said He Had the White House ‘On Notice’ Indicted for Manslaughter and Fraud

A mega-donor to the Obama 2012 campaign has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter and fraud but I bet you’ll hear much more about conservative Dinesh D’Souza’s much less deplorable crime of breaking campaign finance laws.

Eric Lach of Talking Points Memo has followed the donor for a long time:

Ahmed, the president and CEO of a company called Landmark Medical Management, is accused of masterminding the scheme and faces charges including conspiracy, insurance fraud, and, most dramatically, involuntary manslaughter, according to one of two sealed indictments issued by an Orange County grand jury both dated June 17 and obtained this week by TPM.

The first of the two indictments accused Ahmed of developing topical cream formulas “based on the profitability of the ingredients,” and then giving doctors who treated workers’ compensation patients illegal financial incentives to prescribe the creams. The scheme, which ran from 2009-2013, also involved filing false claims with multiple insurance companies, the nine-count indictment alleges.

In an earlier report, Lach said that Ahmed threatened him saying, “I have the White House on notice,” after being asked to comment on his donor status. It sure would be nice if we had a competent press instead of the boot-licking socialist leaning sheep we have “safe-guarding” the Republic.

Oh look here’s the indicted killer smiling with Michelle Obama:


Aren’t they adorable?