‘This Cover-Up is Happening in REAL TIME’ – CNN Reports on Whistleblower Saying VA Keeps Hiding Vet Deaths

The scheduling clerk at the Veteran’s Administration office in Phoenix is coming forward and admitting that she’s been told to hide deaths of veterans, and they’re still doing it. I’ve seen many on the left try to debunk the numbers reported in order to minimize the damage to the Obama administration but if this report is accurate there may be many more deaths we’re not being told about.

Pauline Dewinter says she was told that if Veterans were trying to get care, that she should have a secret list put away and not officially recording their wait. Then, shockingly, she says that someone above her was changing the list keeping track of veterans who had died, to make them appear that they were still alive.

This is just disgusting and deplorable, and it’s shocking that so little has been done to relieve this problem.

I have to say also, that not all VA hospitals have had these problems – many gave very good care, and we shouldn’t broad brush every hospital. However, any denial of care to a U.S. veteran is a stain on the honor of our country.

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