You Know How the Economic Contraction is Being Blamed on Winter? Ted Cruz Destroys That With ONE Tweet

ted cruz-HONEST

Today it was reported that the economy contracted at an astounding 2.9% – one of the worst rates in recent years. While liberals are running around in panicked circles yelling, “it was because Winter!!” one of our favorite Senators went on Twitter to destroy the narrative with one well framed fact that also illuminates the difference between conservative and liberals:

The 1985 Winter was indeed, historically cold, including a dreaded “polar vortex,” and as Heritage’s chief economist posted, the economy did indeed grow at an astounding 4% rate in that first quarter.

Isn’t it weird how the cold affects the economy when a Democrat is president, but not when a Republican is president? Also, if the cold devastates an economy so badly, shouldn’t we be cheering for global warming?

Questions to go ask your favorite liberal!

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