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VIDEO: This News Anchor’s Innuendo-Laden Ogling of a Bikini-Clad Fellow Reporter Goes a Little Too Far

“Good Morning New York” host Greg Kelly was scolded by his co-host for shamelessly ogling reporter Anna Gilligan, who wore a small bikini while visiting a water park opening. While I’m sure stodgy bitter feminists are offended at the very thought of a man being attracted to a woman, you don’t have believe the patriarchal hegemony oppresses women in order to think Kelly took the flirting a little too far.

Especially when you consider the former Marine, who’s the son of NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, was accused of rape and cleared of the charges in 2012. I’m not sure I’d want to appear like a lecher on the air with accusations like that in my background.

Then again, that bikini was pretty darn tiny.

What do you think? Was he inappropriate and creepy, or are his critics being overly sensitive?

(Also, Anna, if you need consoling, email me.)


Over at the Right Scoop, reader Jose posted this very funny clip from the Soup compiling all the funny and/or weird moments from Greg Kelly’s morning anchoring. Check it out:

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