Don’t criticize a rapper on Twitter while he’s performing, or he might call you a B#%$& during the show!


CNN contributor and leftist activist Marc Lamont Hill got quite a surprise when he made a seemingly insignificant jab at rapper “Big Boi” during his solo set at a show in Los Angeles. It all started as Hill tweeted happily about going to the concert:

But then Hill had to make a joke:

It’s all fun and games until a tweet gets back to the guy on stage and he calls you a “b***h” 39 minutes later to the entire auditorium:

Uh oh. Someone didn’t quite get the joke. Marc tries to explain:


Luckily for Marc, rappers aren’t really known for being violent or anything, right? Uhm.. right?

Update: Outkast fans aren’t very happy with Marc Lamont Hill’s explanation.