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WATCH Lefty Liberal Take on Arch Neo-Con Bill Kristol: ‘Why Don’t YOU Enlist in The Iraqi Army?!’

bill kristol-venden-heuvel-2

Katrina vanden-Heuvel, the editor of news outlet ‘The Nation” lived out a liberal fantasy on ‘This Week’ when she called Bill Kristol, the arch prince of neocons, an “architect of catastrophe” and told him that if he was so concerned about Iraq he should join the Iraqi Army. The argument that followed included the debunked claim that Obama wanted to get a status of forces agreement but couldn’t.

What you don’t see in these debates is whether those criticizing the Iraq War would have been perfectly happy with a evil despotic tyrant like Saddam terrorizing his own people while supporting terrorism abroad. Aren’t these the same people applauding Obama for the Libyan War, and his failed “soft power” foreign policy?

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