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Rachel Maddow Unknowingly Airs Clip Showing Obama’s Breathtaking Ignorance of American History

I consider it a special mission of mine that I watch some wretched liberal MSNBC shows so that my fellow conservatives aren’t exposed to the vapid and profound ignorance and stupidity of liberal cable news anchors like Rachel Maddow. But every now and then I’m rewarded for such toil by catching them air abjectly stupid tripe that only a brain-dead Obama zombie could gnaw on without any intellectual reservation.

So here we go:

Somehow Obama actually believes that in the more than 240 years of our nation’s existence, we only started building bridges and roads in the last 50-100 years. But what makes this abject stupidity even more sweet is that Rachel Maddow aired it because so many smug liberal trolls believe Obama cannot err, so they don’t even listen to his words, they just blindly swallow his pablum.

I hope and pray America demands more from its leaders in the next elections.

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