Despicable Jesse Ventura lawsuit against widow of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle begins Monday

chris kyle

As if there was enough to despise the conspiracy-mongering weirdo Jesse Ventura, on Monday his lawsuit against Chris Kyle’s widow will begin. Chris Kyle was the celebrated top sniper and Navy SEAL who was tragically killed last year by an Iraqi War veteran. The lawsuit centers over a story that Kyle printed in his book that Jesse Ventura says defames whatever reputation he believes he still has.

From Stars n’ Stripes:

Ventura, a former Navy SEAL and pro wrestler whose post-political life has included hosting several cable TV shows, claims Kyle defamed him to gain notoriety for his best-selling 2012 book, “American Sniper,” which describes his kills of insurgents from 1999 to 2009. A movie based on the book, starring Bradley Cooper, is in production.

In the book, Kyle describes an incident in which he claims Ventura was speaking loudly against President George W. Bush, the Iraq War and Navy SEAL tactics. Kyle, also a former Navy SEAL, claimed Ventura said the SEALS “deserve to lose a few.” Kyle wrote that he punched Ventura, knocking him to the ground.

Chris Kyle talked about the fight in this video.

Ventura denies making those statements, and says Kyle never laid a hand on him. Kyle had maintained the events in the book are true, and the essence of what was said is accurate, court documents say.

Both sides have witnesses to back up their version of events; and attorneys have cast doubt on the opposing witnesses’ credibility. While Kyle’s book says “rumor has it” Ventura had a black eye the next day, photos of Ventura from that time don’t show him with any visible injury, according to court documents.

Jesse Ventura says it’s not about money, and he just wants to clear his name, but given that royalties on Kyle’s book are up to $3 million and proceeds from a future movie based on the book will be included in the lawsuit, I have a feeling Ventura will grab the money if he wins and wage a tinfoil hat war against chemtrails and space lizard-aliens.

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