Readers of Sarah Palin’s Book Read WAY More of Her Book Than Hillary Clinton’s Readers Read of Hers

According to a pretty ingenious metric from Amazon, even those few poor sick souls who force themselves to buy Hillary Clinton’s new book can’t quite stomach it enough to read much of it. It all has to do with something a mathematics professor developed called the “Hawking Index” that measures how far into the book readers have highlighted passages according to those that Amazon posts on their website.

While not terribly scientific, it does give some insight into how Hillary’s book compares to other books in readability. And it ain’t good:

Basically, according to this measure, people who read Elizabeth Warren’s book read seven times as much of it as those who read Hillary’s book. But wait I noticed something funny about the list – they’re all books from the left! Why didn’t they include any from the conservative side of the aisle? So I did the calculation on the equivalent of kryptonite to liberals – Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue.

I took the top 5 highlighted passages, found the page numbers they are on, and got a “Hawking Index” rating of 20.44%. That obliterates the rating for Hillary’s new book, meaning that readers of Palin’s book read ten times as much of it as readers of Hillary’s book did:

Not only that, but her readers read more of her book than even Liz Warren’s readers! And here I thought all us conservatives were illiterate.

Again, even though it’s unscientific, it is striking just what a difference between readers the “Hawking index” indicates.

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