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This Is The Most Outrageously Insane Feminist Expletive-Filled Attack on a Prolife Advocate Caught on Tape

Two pro-life street advocates were berated by a rotund, gap-toothed feminist who gave one of the most insane, rambling, irrational rants while attacking them, and destroying their signs. The foul-mouthed attacker must have a PhD in lesbian women’s studies, because not only does she work at Burger King, but she effortlessly tosses out expletives and high-brow polysyllabic epithets that only a highly expensive and worthless education in the history of misogyny could indoctrinate into the portly lady with such fury.

Once our friendly pro-life protesters announced that they were going to involve the police, the graceful young woman lumbered away like a gazelle that had just eaten a hippopotamus. Apparently, she interrupted her afternoon exercise regimen to assault the evil misogynists. Unfortunately, she must have gotten winded from the 30 foot jog, whereupon she decided to avail herself of the public transportation system. Unfortunately, the white male imperialist hegemony patrols all buses for uterus freedom fighters.

Here are some of her greatest hits:

That is not what a fetus looks like! It does not look like that, it’s a group of motherf***ing cells!

Get that camera out of my face, f***wit!

You are f***ing white male privileged a**holes

What you are is a racist motherf***er as well

How dare you do this kind of s**t a**hole!

Go right the f**k on ahead, you sexist, misogynist motherf**kers! you don’t give a s**t about women, you don’t give a s**t about life!

All you are are a bunch of misogynists motherf***ers. Take your male privilege somewhere else!

No uterus? No right to talk about it!

That’s about as well reasoned a defense for the pro-abortion movement as you’re going to get. We appreciate her willingness to have a calm, rational, logical discourse with those who disagree with her political opinions.