In Case You Haven’t Noticed, I’m Making an Art Form Out of Unflattering Screen Captures

screencap headliner

Ahh, the fine art of the unflattering screen capture. So many of you blithely click on a video or a thumbnail image without properly giving the consideration that such enjoyable images deserve. Do you every think about how long it takes to find the proper video – a high quality one with the subject yelling or angry? And then to wait, with bated breath, arched over the keyboard anxiously, fingers poised impatiently over the ‘print screen’ key, watching for that perfect tick, the surprise, the sneer, or perhaps simply the over enunciation of an “o” to give the appearance of hysterical screeching. And then, there it is! CLICK! A simple copy and paste and some snarky lettering, and you have a masterwork worthy of the Louvre.

No doubt somewhere in the Elysian Fields, Praxiteles, Michaelangelo, Rubens and Picasso share a laugh while appreciating a perfectly timed screencap on their iPad as they peruse through the Soopermexican blog.

Well you don’t have to sift through all my images, you lucky slobs. Here are some of my favorites for you to enjoy (click to see the story behind the screencap):

morning mika joe-video games2

Mika often looks like someone is goosing her.

mike barnicle - stupid americans-2

This dude is very angry Americans are too stupid to love Hillary.

girls on iphones-epa-1

Teenage girls? Or the offices at the EPA? Not really a screen cap, but I like it anyway.

Krystal ball-immigrants-TRScoop1

Krystal Ball yelling loud stupid things.


Alex Wagner smiles continuously as if she’s on meth. It was tough to catch this angry screencap.


colonel morris davis-stats

josh barro-white-big

One of my better derp captures.

crazy feminist attacks prolife advocates-1


Feminist Irin Carmon actually looks like a braindead zombie in this one. Perfect Screencap: Achieved.

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder-2

Perfectly captured Eddie Vedder at the highest moment of irrational rage.

morning joe-gun nuts


andrea mitchell-children

Another one of my favorites…


rep gutierrez-illegals-1

This congressman is a crackhead, and this screen cap makes him look like he’s honking or hooting. Love it.


Hobby lobby-fugelsang



hillary-clinton-send-them-back-1 hillary-clinton-GUN-TERROR3  hillary-clinton-g-spot

GAH! Doesn’t Hillary look like Dr. Evil here? Yeah, click on the image to see more of the screencaps that prove she’s an evil movie villain.


Perfectly timed lip curling growl from Lindsay Graham…


More craziness from MSNBC.

bill kristol-venden-heuvel-2

Perfect moment when they addressed each other.


Accusations of sexism fly!

Joan walsh-cowards-ijr

How awesome does Joan Walsh look?! Love it.

christine pelosi-sexist-1

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter looking crazy and obnoxious. I captured her essence.

dianne feinstein-man up

You get it? It’s funny. C’mon you get it. Hehehehe.

ted cruz-HONEST

This wasn’t a screen capture properly, but clever text makes the image. If I do say so myself.

chris hayes-terrorists

Now that’s what I call creative unflattering screen capture mastery.

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