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Nation Very Disappointed in EPA’s Incompetence at Playing Kim Kardashian iPhone App Game

girls on iphones-epa-1

As a country, we’ve basically accepted that government is full of lazy bureaucrats who watch pornography while being paid inordinate amounts of money from our tax money. We get it, gov’t, you’re screwing us over. And all that we ask in return is that when you post your scores from brain-numbing iPhone app games on our official government Twitter accounts, that you not shame us, and yourselves, with low scores.

So, shame on you EPA:

epa water kardashian

This tweet was posted to the EPA water Twitter account last night, an account that YOU and I pay for, but apparently the EPA employee is just too lazy to get higher than “C-List celebrity” on the Kim Kardashian game app.

Hours after deleting the tweet, the EPA eventually responded:

NO DICE, EPA!! We demand our lazy, overpaid, underworked, bungling government employees score higher on their iPhone game apps!!

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