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Here’s A Democrat Calling Ted Cruz an ‘Unpatriotic’ Jerk For Questioning the Administration

Remember when liberals lied and said that conservatives called them unpatriotic, when no one ever did? They’re very happy to do so themselves, and for much less cause.

Here’s former Governor Ed Rendell calling Ted Cruz unpatriotic for questioning his political opponents. In this case, Ted Cruz accused the administration of punishing Israel by ordering the FAA to stop flights into the country. Of course it’s unpatriotic to question an administration that has shown over and over and that it’s not above using its power to go after its political opponents.

Watch below:

Here’s some irony for you – they’re calling him akin to Joe McCarthy and his crusade against Communists, when his committee was called the House “Un-American Activities Committee.” Kinda sounds a lot like calling someone unpatriotic, doesn’t it?

The next time a Republican is in the White House, all of a sudden it’ll be a moral obligation to defy them by any means necessary.

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