Another Out of Touch Democrat Posts Laughable ‘Poverty Budget’ for ‘Live the Wage’ Campaign

barbara lee live the wage-2

If you haven’t seen the tweets from the ridiculous liberal “Live the Wage” campaign, you gotta go right now! After you come back, here’s the ridiculous “poverty budget” U.S. Representative Barbara Lee from California:

barbara lee live the wage tweet-1

Five dollars for toothpaste?! Is she buying those tiny one-serving vacation toothpaste tubes every day?! What’s the five bucks for a birthday? Is she stopping off at poverty-mart to buy a card and a party whistle?

Here are the groceries she bought:

barbara lee live the wage tweet

One banana? And this idiot is in charge of making decisions for our federal budget?!


A half can of beans?! Who eats half a can of beans! She’s acting like she’s “living the wage” of a North Korean work camp prisoner!

This campaign intended to garner support for minimum wage just proves how stupid and incompetent our liberal representatives are.

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