If You’re a Minority, CHER Has a Warning For You And it Includes a Frownie Face


If you ever are in need of a really insane rant about politics, really Cher’s Twitter account is your one-stop rant shop. Today’s bizarre visit to the nether regions of the pop singer’s cerebellum includes a warning for all of us minorities to steer clear of Rand Paul and his presidential run.

Please buckle your seat belts, take a deep breath, and don’t look directly at Cher’s eyes while I guide us all on this short trek into insanity:

cher-minority-rand paul

I think we  lost a few readers. I told you not to look directly at her. Now, Rand Paul’s problems with the 1968 Civil Rights Act have to do with one of ten provisions that allows the federal government to infringe on business-owner’s rights, and expanded the role of the government. He’s made it clear that he’s very much against racism, and approves the nine of the ten provisions. But that kind of nuance is lost if you get your politics from your favorite pop singer.

Nothing says insightful political analysis like a frownie face. =(

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