Hillary Clinton’s ‘Short Circuit’ Flip Flop on Border Crisis Shows How Principled She Is


It should have been very predictable that when Hillary Clinton was pressured into saying that illegal immigrant children of the recent border surge should be sent back to their countries that she would probably change her position under political pressure. It didn’t take very long.

In an interview with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, he pressured her about her earlier statement supporting deportation of those newly arrived illegal alien children. Here’s the exchange:

RAMOS: Recently you’ve said about the Central American children coming to the United States that we have to, “send them back.”

HILLARY: Well that was a sort of a short circuit of what I’ve said over all. I’ve made several points. There are two kinds of children – there are what we might call “migrant children,” there are what we might call “refugee children.” And within our legal framework on a humanitarian basis, we need to
provide emergency care for all children I dont care who they are or where they came from, they need to be given the basics and necessities and all as much love as we can.

RAMOS: So you don’t think we should send them back.

HILLARY: SOME of them should be sent back.

RAMOS: You said, “just because they get across the border that doesn’t mean that child gets to stay.”

HILLARY: But that’s what I meant, is just because that child gets across the border – what category does that child end up in?

RAMOS: But, who would you deport?

HILLARY: Whoever was in the category of where they don’t have legitimate claim for asylum, where they don’t have some kind of family connection, those children should be returned to their families.

And later:

HILLARY: We should be setting up a system in Honduras, Gautemala, El Salvador, to screen kids and in fact, John McCain –

RAMOS: -over there, before they’ve been sent?

HILLARY: Before  they get into the hands of coyotes, or they get on the beast, or they’re raped.

RAMOS: So you’re for setting up a system in Honduras and screen them, before coming here.

HILLARY: Yes! Yes!

So before she was for “sending them back” and now she’s advocating for us to send immigration officials into Central America to sign up people for refugee status? That’s quite a “short circuit” you had there, Hillster! We also call that a flip flop, and the reason for it is clear – the opening question to this exchange from Ramos was, “do you think you have a Latino problem?”

That’s what we can expect from a Hillary Clinton presidency – “short circuit” flip flops determined by identity politics.

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