Foreign Policy

Watch State Dept’s Jen Psaki Tell Wolf Blitzer That Israel is Running a ‘Misinformation Campaign’

On CNN with Wolf Blitzer, our State Department thought it would be a good idea to accuse Israel of running a “misinformation campaign” in order to pressure them into a ceasefire in the Israeli Palestinian war. That’s what this administration considers “statesmanship.”

Watch below:

Israel’s response that upset the State Dept. was so much was aimed at John Kerry turning to the friends of Hamas in Qatar and Turkey away from Egypt’s failed attempt at a ceasefire. For many who want to give the State Dept. the benefit of the doubt, John Kerry is, at the least, guilty of rushing to do anything to get a ceasefire without considering the future consequences of empowering Hamas.

Rushing to save appearances without a care to the consequences? That sounds like the Democrat’s entire campaign platform.

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