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So Many People Called The Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept About This Ridiculous Thing, They Had to Tweet About it

911-dispatch- go away

The world narrowly escaped another global apocalypse today when Facebook was down for several minutes this afternoon. And in case you needed another reason to lose faith in humanity, so many people called the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in a panic that they weren’t able to stalk their High School crush or post pictures of their sushi that the official account for the Department had to post this on Twitter:

Wow, people. Most of us saw Facebook was down and went back to work. By which I mean moved to other social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. Mostly to make fun of those people who were panicking about Facebook:

This is exactly why Democracy just doesn’t work, people! Yes, I know we’re a representative Republic, don’t make me call the cops on you.

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