Bill Kristol Defends GOP on Immigration With His Dark Neo-Con Mind Tricks

bill kristol-NEOCON

The dark prince of Neo-Cons, Bill Kristol really defended the conservative position on immigration this Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” and had to go head to head with Greta Van Susteren, of all people! Bill was defending the Congressional Republicans on their legislative record on immigration, while Greta seemed to almost defend the Senate Democrats on her way towards ultimately blaming Obama for his lack of leadership.

Watch below:

Later Bill simply outclasses Joaquin Castro on the immigration debate and liberals’ favorite idiotic talking point that the border crisis would have been dispelled if they had only passed amnesty the way they wanted to:

Interesting how conservatives disagree with each other because they often have this thing called intellectual honesty – for the rest of the panel, they were in complete lockstep with liberal talking points.

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