As Ferguson Burns, Remember 490 Blacks Are Murdered By OTHER Blacks Every MONTH

ferguson looting-PROTESTS

I did this one before and got in a LOT of trouble. Oh well. I have better statistics this time, so let’s do it again, now that another city is burning down because of racial strife.

According to FBI stats, about 5,886 blacks are murdered by other blacks per year.

That’s about 16 blacks killed by other blacks per day.

That’s about 490 blacks killed by other blacks every MONTH.

Now whether Mike Brown was wrongfully killed by cops or not, the much greater problem in the black community is blacks murdering each other, NOT white cops or cops of any color, or “white Hispanic” George Zimmermans killing them.

But that would mean actually taking a hard look at the problems of the community and doing the hard work of fixing it.

This way we can just blame whitey and “the system.”

VIDEO of Looting at Ferguson Missouri From Protesters of Fatal Police Shooting