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This ONE Tweet From The NAACP About The Ferguson Riots Has Many African Americans Outraged

The fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown by police has sparked unrest that has led to rioting, looting and more shooting. And while some think it proper to the discussion to point out that the African American community has many more murders from their own members than from law enforcement, it’s not an argument many want to hear.

Especially when it’s apparently coming from the NAACP:


This one tweet outraged many who took to Twitter to register their displeasure with the organization intended to represent the interests of African Americans:






What’s even more interesting is that the controversial tweet actually seems rather vague. Here’s the text again:

When someone outside of our race commits murder we want upheaval, but we need same for all murder.

Those who are angered by the statement are taking it to say that there needs to be just as critical a response when blacks kill other blacks. But couldn’t you also take it to mean that the NAACP thinks there should be riots anytime a black person is murdered? That seems like a bad idea too.

As Ferguson Burns, Remember 490 Blacks Are Murdered By OTHER Blacks Every MONTH