Hugh Hewitt Won’t Let Soledad O’Brien Off The Hook For Getting Paid by Islamist-Supporting Country

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Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt goes after former MSNBC host Soledad O’brien for accepting dirty terrorist money from Al-Jazeera, which is owned by the oil rich Middle East country of Qatar, but he does it with calm civility. He presents analysis from an article that calls Qatar a “patron of Islamists,” but Soledad happily looks the other way, as long as her checks are being signed.

Watch below:

From the BusinessWeek article cited:

Driven by ideology or opportunity—it isn’t clear which—Qatar’s former emir and his son, who took over the throne in June 2013, have cast their lot with some of the radical Islamist groups that have roiled the region since the Arab Spring revolts broke out in 2010.

Qatar funds and arms Islamists fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad and bankrolls Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It let other extremist groups raise money in Qatar, according to the U.S. Treasury Department. Qatar backed the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, before the Egyptian military deposed that nation’s first democratically elected leader and declared the Muslim Brotherhood illegal. And last month, when Qatar tried to broker a ceasefire in Gaza, the effort was angrily slapped down by Egypt and Israel, who thought the Qataris were trying to help Hamas win concessions through violence.

Even Egypt thought Qatar was too extremist, and other gulf states have since shut down their embassies in the country over their funding of dangerous terrorists.

Luckily for them, they have propaganda pal in Soledad O’Brien.

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