VIDEO: Journalists Arrested at Ferguson McDonalds As Police Presence Elevated and Protesters Attack

Two journalists were arrested Wednesday during the Ferguson protest after police emptied out a McDonald’s they were working from, angering many on social media who called it an act of intimidation against the press. The protests broke out after an unarmed teen was fatally shot by police and neighborhood witnesses accused the police of lying about the circumstances.

Wesley Lowery is a reporter at the Washington Post while Ryan Reilly works for Huffington Post. They tweeted throughout the experience:

Here’s how it all began:


Police arresting reporters at McDonald’s in Ferguson Missouri.


Here is the video captured by one of the journalists while being arrested:

While they were upset at their treatment, many on Twitter pointed out that actually law enforcement is not Constitutionally bound to tell a person what they’ve been arrested for at the time of arrest. Although, if it happened to me, I’d be pretty upset. Many also point out that it is legal to video tape a policeman, even though the cop in the video said he could not continue filming.

Whether you believe the police were justified in these arrests or not, it’s clear that this altercation between community protesters and the law enforcement authorities is not anywhere near over.

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