Cops Don’t Get Psychological Assessment or Training to Carry ‘License to Kill’, Says MSNBC Guest

Here’s another crazy person on MSNBC saying really stupid crap without ANYONE disagreeing or correcting them.

Buckle up, here we go:

I mean it’s incredibly stupid to believe that cops don’t get any kind of psychological assessment, or training to carry the authority to use lethal force. That’s like, most of what they do. He subtly assumes that America has a problem here but other countries DO have this training? What a complete joke.

Finally, the moron says that blacks have much more threatened by the police than by other blacks. This is absurdly wrong. Blacks are killed by blacks about 49o times per month, while according to Marc Lamont Hill, 25 blacks are killed by law enforcement or “vigilantes.” That means a black person is TWENTY times more likely to be killed by another black person than by police.

But no one on that panel knew this, or cared to correct him. Weird huh?

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