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This Is One Of The Saddest, Most Pathetic Questions A Reporter Has Ever Tweeted

If ever you needed to see just how utterly far removed from common human experience “journalists” are, I have the best example you’ve ever seen. After last night’s rioting, shooting and general pandemonium in Ferguson, Missouri, one of the journalists now famous for being arrested at the McDonald’s was looking for evidence around the city, and posted this unbelievable tweet:

ryanJreilly earbuds

I actually saw this and passed it over, thinking it was a joke. It isn’t.

This guy is a reporter. He actually WRITES stuff to inform OTHER human beings about what OTHER human beings are doing. How could you POSSIBLY do that with any kind of accuracy if you’ve never even SEEN earplugs before? Not only has he never fired a gun, or done a day of work in his life that requires earplugs, he’s never even BEEN AROUND people who do!!!!

I’m speechless. Well, I mean, not really I just wrote a bunch about it.

But DAMN. Dude. Seriously. DAMN.

UPDATE: My followers are hilarious:

rearfender-rubber bullets

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