The Most Hilarious Responses to That Huffpo’s Earplug Rubber Bullets Tweet!

Lately we’ve been mired in all kinds of depressing news out of Ferguson, Missouri, and while I’ve tried to keep the levity up, I can’t do it all on my own. That’s where this pendejo reporter from Huffington Post comes in. If you missed it, Ryan J. Reilly posted this amazing tweet where he inquired if this picture of earplugs were “rubber bullets.”

Obviously the dude has never worked a day in his life or shot a gun, because he’s never even encountered earplugs ever! Anyway, we all had a great laugh about it. That’s when people started tweeting at me to “confirm” these frightening weapons they discovered on the mean streets of Ferguson:

And finally…

And that’s why I love Twitter.

Please feel free to call @RyanJReilly “earplugs” as a nickname from now on.

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