‘My GOD That’s Perfect!’ Mika Gushes Over Morning Joe’s Comparison of Ferguson to 9/11 Terrorist Attack

No, Joe Scarborough, people freaking out in Ferguson Missouri isn’t ANYTHING like 911. Like not in nearly any way whatsoever and you’re an idiot for saying so, and Mike Brzezinski is a greater moron for responding, “My GOD that’s perfect!” and Michael Steel is the biggest moron for agreeing.

Watch below:

You think maybe the mayor of Ferguson MIGHT know a little more about what his constituents are thinking rather you do while watching your own biased media’s presentation of the city?


It just doesn’t take that many people to protest and make it seem like a big furor, when it really isn’t, especially when so many are coming from out of town. In fact, on the first day of the protests there weren’t nearly as many protesters as there are now that their numbers have been boosted by Communists, Occupiers, and black supremacists.

But Joe and Mika know wayyy more about racial divisions in Ferguson because they watch TV.

Ferguson’s Tuesday Night: Quiet Before a Storm of Arrests And Violence