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Obama Immediately Retreats to Golf Course to Strategize After Strong Words Against ISIS

obama golfinG

President Obama had strong words for ISIS in a press conference Wednesday afternoon after their despicable beheading of American photojournalist James Foley. But his actions mere minutes later had many questioning his focus and resolve on tackling the terrorist threat:

Obama’s press conference was terse and brief, and he took no questions afterward. He made vague promises that America would bring the terrorists to justice, but mostly stuck to condemning their actions without clearly laying out what he would to as Commander-in-Chief. Obama didn’t even have time to mention the second journalist kidnapped and under threat by ISIS, Steve Sotloff, who was abducted in mid-2013 and worked for TIME Magazine.

The golf outing was confirmed by a Washington Examiner White House correspondent as well. While these vacations have been defended by the media and many on the left as normal and expected, this time it seemed to really irk some journalists:

It’s becoming more and more difficult to ignore just how little attention it appears the president places on actually doing his job.

[ed. note: this post was supplemented with additional information after initial publication.]

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