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The Most Incredibly Stupid T-Shirt You’ll See About The Ferguson Shooting

Whatever you think of the validity of the racial violence surrounding the Ferguson shooting, I think we can all agree that this shirt comparing ISIS to the Ferguson PD is one of the stupidest things ever. Check it out:

isis fergusonFor those of you who are English impaired, it reads, “I rather get stopped by ISIS terrorist than Ferguson PD.” You need to get stopped by the grammar police is what you need to do, first of all. But beyond that, you have to be pretty hell-bent on exaggerating the threat from police to act as if you’ll have better chances with bloodthirsty pig-dogs from hell who are beheading everyone within scimitar’s reach.

Oh that reminds me of Marc Lamont Hill who did exactly that, but with statistics.

Anyway, that’s a dumbass shirt, homie. Quit being dumb.

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