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Yeah So A Burger-Flipper at McDonald’s Makes More Money Than an ISIS Terrorist

If you want to get a sense of how pathetic it is to be an ISIS terrorist, consider this fact: a burger flipper at McDonald’s makes WAY more per month than the average ISIS pig-dog.

From Iraqi News:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had published earlier that the monthly salaries given to the fighters of ISIS distributed as follows:

The Syrian fighter earns a monthly salary of $400. The Syrian married fighter gets an amount of $ 50 for each child, $100 for each wife, in addition to the basic monthly salary of $400, as well as providing a house if the fighter does not have a place to live, fuel for his car from gas stations which are managed by the organization of ISIS in addition to receiving fuel for heating.

A McDonald’s worker making $7.25 a month full-time would make $1,160, nearly three times as much as an ISIS fighter, who risks being killed by the Pershmerga (not so much the United States under Obama).

I wonder if they’ll have #FightFor15 protests to raise the terrorist minimum wage…

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