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Clay Aiken REALLY Shouldn’t Have Yelled at High School Girl Serving Pizza After Misogynist Tweet Debacle

Here’s the next Democrat that will get the “if this was a Republican, we’d care” treatment from the press – Clay Aiken reportedly yelled at a High School girl who worked at a pizza shop over his address and other info:

You would think that the Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress seat MIGHT want to not be caught yelling at a girl who’s just doing her job, especially after he was accused of misogyny when the sooper-mexy-blog discovered his deleted tweets advocating violence against Ann Coulter, and when he asked his followers to call her the “c-word.”

But I doubt it matters – the media would only have addressed this if he had been a Republican…

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[ed. note: we mistakenly wrote Aiken is running for Senate instead of the House of Representatives. We have ritually sacrificed the intern who made the mistake.]