15-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped and Assaulted in Dallas – Media Doesn’t Report Accused Are Illegal Aliens

According to Jeb Bush, immigrants who enter America illegally do so as an “act of love,” but he probably didn’t mean three guys who were arrested today for assaulting a young girl, and then kidnapping her in their van. There’s video of the story, and it’s being reported in local news media, but none of it mentions what a reporter tweeted – the accused are illegal aliens.

Watch below:

From Fox Dallas:

Three men were arrested on the SMU campus early Tuesday for an alleged assault of a juvenile girl.

SMU TV video shows the three men detained police on Bishop Boulevard in front of the Owens Arts Center.

SMU TV reported that the van was stopped by SMU Police after being seen driving erratically through campus.

The campus TV station said the victim is not believed to have any connection with the university.

Dallas police will give more information about the incident at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Here’s the tweet from a Fox 4 reporter:

That’s the euphemism the media uses when they don’t want to admit illegal aliens were involved.

Kidnapping is becoming very popular is an increasingly lawless Mexico by criminals in order to make money, and it’s being imported into America through our porous borders. But who cares about the safety and security of Americans when precious votes of a minority group are being courted by both political groups?

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