Pics of Lacerations on Adrian Peterson’s Four-Year-Old From Reported Child Abuse Indictment

If you need to know what we’ll all be debating about this weekend, it’s whether a parent can discipline their kid with a switch, because Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted for disciplining his child:

The former MVP was charged in Montgomery County in Texas for reckless or negligent injury to a child, Fox 26 in Houston reported. Multiple reports says the indictment stems from disciplining his son with a switch.

The site reports Peterson, who has a home in the Houston area, has been cooperating with law enforcement and will have to turn himself in.

The Vikings are currently deciding whether Peterson will play in Sunday’s game against the Patriots, according to Fox Sports.

Last year, Peterson’s 2-year-old son was tragically beaten to death by the boyfriend of the tot’s mom. Peterson had never met the child and only learned he existed a few weeks prior to his death.

Here are the pics from the Houston Police Department of the lacerations, which definitely seem excessive:

adrian peterson switch-2

adrian peterson switch-1

While I think a parent should be allowed to discipline their children, this seems to cross the line into abuse.

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