Gender issues

MSNBC’s women panelists FREAK OUT when someone DARES to bring up Hope Solo domestic violence charge

The women panelists from MSNBC’s Morning Joe showed just how emotionally invested and irrational they are about the issue of domestic violence when they almost jumped out of their chairs to rip at the throat of Roland Martin for even daring to bring up the domestic violence charges against a woman athlete, Hope Solo.

Watch the hilarity below:

Notice, Roland NEVER makes even an insinuation that women beat men at the same rate that men beat women, but they FREAK out that he even mentions Hope Solo, because this really isn’t about protecting anyone, or punishing bad people, it’s about pushing a gender war and denouncing all men as brutes.

Thanks for proving it, ladies.

The best part is when they go back to Roland and the look on his face is one of surprise and shock that he’s being attacked!

It looks a little bit like this:

roland martin morning joe1LOL!

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