Rosie O’Donnell and Other Harpies on ‘The View’ Think the NFL is Trying to Start a Holy War Against Islam

There’s nothing like the hags at ‘the View’ belching forth their opinions on political matters – you might as well get a mentally deficient possum drunk and make it take a test on astrophysics.

Case in point – here’s Rosie O’Donnell spewing out the opinion that the recent penalty handed out by the NFL to a Muslim player for “unsportsmanlike conduct” is an attempt to prepare us to “bomb a country that’s never done anything to us.”

Watch below:

For some reason this rotund idiot is stuck in the Bush years, because we’re bombing ISIS, who just beheaded two American journalists and is specifically threatening and targeting American citizens. Also, didn’t these dimwits vote for Obama? Somehow they’re conveniently ignoring that OBAMA presses the button to bomb countries, NOT NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Even a mentally deficient drunk possum would say, “damn Rosie, get a clue honey!”