Blacks Think the Secret Service is Trying to Get Obama Killed Because He’s Black

Van Jones responds to a New York Times article pointing to African Americans’ belief that the Secret Service is purposely trying to do a bad job in order to get Obama killed because he’s black.

Watch below:

While it’s been reported that Obama receives more threats than any other president, this from the New York Times last year seems to contradict that:

The Secret Service investigates an average of 10 threats against Mr. Obama each day, roughly the same number as during George W. Bush’s administration, said Ronald Kessler, author of “In the President’s Secret Service,” a book about the agency. The agency would not confirm that number and does not say how many threats it receives and turns over to the Justice Department to prosecute.

I’d rather point to ineptitude and incompetence rather than raaaaaacism as the culprit here.