Delta Airlines Grounded, Quarantined at Las Vegas Over Passengers Vomiting

Yeah it’s time to panic now. Panic hard and long.

From KSNV:

Six ambulances have surrounded a plane this morning at McCarran International Airport amid reports that a passenger on a Delta flight from New York is showing symptoms similar to Ebola.

Delta Airlines Flight 495 from JFK is at Terminal 1, Gate D42 is the focus of the medical response. A source says at least three people are ill.

UMC spokeswoman D’Anita Cohen says the hospital has been contacted by the airport about two unconfirmed cases of Ebola-like symptoms.

They have not been moved, yet.

Cohen says the hospital is ready to place them in their two isolation rooms.

McCarran spokeswoman Christine Crews said the flight was quarantined at the gate “after reports that a passenger who had recently traveled in Africa vomited on board the aircraft.

We’re all gonna die. Details to follow.


The apocalypse has been averted or delayed for a few minutes:

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